Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repair Service in Buffalo, NY

When it comes to your home’s or business’ electrical system, there’s plenty that can go wrong. And while it may be relatively simple to replace a light switch or install a ceiling fan, there are other electrical repairs that simply should be left to a professional electrician. Luckily, M&M Electrical Construction Company in Buffalo, NY is an electrical contractor ready to come to your rescue!

Common Electrical Problems

Frequent burnouts – If light bulbs seem to burn out a lot, you may have a loose connection somewhere. If you have recessed lighting, it is designed to shut itself off when it becomes too hot so as not to cause a fire hazard.

Flickering & dimming lights – This may indicate a poor connection in the circuit. Eventually, you may need to install new lighting.

Dead outlets – Poor connections are often the culprit, but this can also be due to a tripped breaker to prevent heat that causes the wiring to melt.

Warm switches/fixtures – This is a definite safety issue and you should call M&M Electric Construction Company right away if you notice it.

Tripped breakers – This usually illustrates on overload in the circuit, which can be a fire hazard if it happens often enough. Consider adding or circuit or even upgrading the entire electrical system.

No matter which of these issues you have, you can count on the services of M&M Electric Construction Company every time! We’re an electrical repair service company that delivers reliability, affordability, and customer service with each and every job in the Buffalo, NY area. Check out our complete list of services for both residential and commercial clients!
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