Electrical Wiring & Repairs in Buffalo, NY


+ Electrical Wiring & Repairs in Buffalo, NY

Electrical work is dangerous work. That’s why it’s best to have a reputable, reliable, and licensed electrician on your side to help you get your project done in an efficient, timely, and safe manner. Whether you want to install energy-efficient lighting throughout your home or replace your outdated electrical wiring with a more reliable product, there’s only one name to turn to for excellent results each and every time: M & M Electric Construction Company.

If your home or business has old wiring, it’s time to call our professionals. Old electrical wiring isn’t energy efficient or safe, and you can’t be sure that the electrical system is up to code. Some warning signs that you have old, outdated wiring include breakers trip regularly, discolored outlets, flickering lights, burning smells, etc. We will make sure that your home or office is safe and secure with new electrical wiring.


M & M Electric Construction Company has been providing high-quality electrical work for residential and commercial customers throughout Buffalo, NY; Niagara Falls, NY; and the surrounding Western New York areas since 1984, and we’re more than qualified to tackle any of your electrical needs. Our professionals specialize in electrical repairs to rewiring services and more; there is very little that our crew can’t do. 

M & M Electric Const Co Inc provides service for Commercial Customers all throughout WNY.  Our qualified, professional staff, from our Commercial Estimator to our Journeyman Electricians are ready to service your electrical needs. Our team of electricians have had many years of electrical schooling/training and have Certification for aerial lifts, OSHA 10, as well as others.

 Some of our Commercial Services Include:

                Lighting Installation
                Electrical Wiring
                Complete Electrical for New Builds and Expansions
                Fire Alarm Installations
                Temporary Power
                Parking Lot Lighting
                Equipment Feeds

Some of our Line Construction Services Include:
Power Pole Sets
              Transformer Installations
              Emergency Services


Our trained Electricians are well prepared to help you with all of your home electrical needs.  Our Estimator has had many years’ experience in the field and as an estimator.  Please contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE today!

Some of our Residential Services Include:
   Upgrade of your Current Electrical Service
                Pool Wiring
                Home Standby Generator
                Generator Maintenance
                Add a feed for a new appliance
                New Build Wiring
                Wiring for a Remodel
                Adding of new Lighting or Updating Existing Lighting
                Single Family and Multi-Family Wiring
                Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector Installation
                Underground Garage Feed

All of our electrical contractors are licensed and insured. Our electricians have had many years of training and are up to date on the most recent NYS Electrical Codes. Call today!

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