Electrical Wiring

New Electrical Wiring, Rewiring, & More in Buffalo, NY

M & M Electric Construction Company Inc. specializes in residential and commercial electrical work. Whether you need new wiring or rewiring, we’re the professionals to trust with the job. As licensed electricians, we know that no electrical wiring project is too big or too small for us to handle. Our electricians are based in Niagara Falls and serve the entire Buffalo area.

Electrical Wiring for New Homes & Buildings

Are you starting to build your dream home or a new office building for your growing business? How exciting! Hire M & M Electric Construction Company Inc. to install electrical wiring in and around your home or building. New electrical systems are more energy efficient and safe, so you won’t have to worry about flickering lights, high energy bills, and more. We also offer pool wiring and follow strict electrical wiring requirements to ensure safety around your new swimming pool.

Electrical Wiring for Old Homes & Buildings

If you own an old home or an office building that hasn’t had its electrical wiring updated, it’s time to call M & M Electric Construction Company Inc. Circuits and wiring in old homes and buildings are not designed to power the many gadgets and appliances that we use in our daily lives. You could be paying any enormous amount on your monthly bills, and it can also be dangerous. 

Call us if your home/building has...

Too Few Outlets: This means you most likely rely on extension cords and power strips, which can be dangerous.
Aluminum Wiring: This was used as a cheap substitute for copper back in the 1960s and 1970s and is no longer considered safe. 
An Uncovered Junction Box: This increases the risk or shock and wire damage. 

M & M Electric Construction Company is the team of electrical contractors to trust in Buffalo & Niagara Falls. Please contact us today to get started on electrical wiring and renovation for your home or business.
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